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Dear students, 

There is an opportunity to present the results of your studies at the upcoming Virginia Academy of Science meeting held at VCU, Richmond Va


This will be local travel, driving to Richmond and back the same day, on Thursday May 18, 2017

We will organize the carpool. As a result, you will have your resume substantially enhanced by oral or poster presentation at a state-wide nationally recognized scientific event and will have important networking opportunities as all Virginia universities are represented there.  



1) talk with your research adviser about presenting at VAS  NOW!!


2) send me (Dr. Ancha Baranova) - [log in to unmask] - the email that you would like to participate, and send me preliminary title and authors. 


3) The formatted title submission will be due to me by Tuesday, January 31, 2017Instructions on how to format the .doc file title submission will be mailed to you after Christmas holidays

All titles will be sent centrally, by me - I will spread titles over relevant sections to maximize your chances of winning a poster or oral presentation award. 


4) by Tuesday, January 31, 2017 Join VAS as  a student member (it costs 25$ or so). 


5) Abstracts for all presentations will be collected electronically in May prior to the Annual Meeting. 

That means you do not have to have your research completed by January 31 - at this point, only the title is required. You will likely have results by May, when abstracts are due. Send titles in advance, please, - after discussing with your lab adviser. 


Please see below for more information and email me if you have questions - [log in to unmask]



95th Annual Meeting

Virginia Academy of Science

May 17-19, 2017

The 95th Annual Meeting of the Academy will be held at Virginia Commonwealth University from Wednesday (afternoon) through Friday (noon)May 17-19, 2017.  The Research Symposium and 76th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Junior Academy of Science will be held from Tuesday (afternoon) through Thursday (noon), May 16-18.  VAS is one of the few academies in the nation that meets concurrently with their Junior Academy.  VAS Vice President Eugene Maurakis at Science Museum of Virginia ([log in to unmask]) serves as the Program Chair for the 2017 Annual Meeting. 


Oral Presentation Sessions for the different sections will be scheduled from ~8 am – ~5:30 pm on Thursday, May 18 (in class rooms equipped with a PC with Microsoft PowerPoint, LCD projector & screen).  For most sections the oral presentations will be scheduled at 15 minute intervals (e.g., 10-12 minutes for presentation and ~3 minutes for questions).  Some section sessions will also include one or more presentations by invited speakers.


The Poster Session for all sections is scheduled from 9 am – 5 pm on Thursday, May 18.   Posters must be set up between 8 - 9 am and remain on display until 5 pm.  All poster authors are expected to be present between noon and 2 pm to discuss their posters and answer questions. 


Titles, along with additional information, for presentations to be given at the Annual Meeting at Virginia Commonwealth University must be submitted electronically no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2017.  Please note that the same title can NOT BE SUBMITTED to multiple sections.  Also, it is EXPECTED that an undergraduate or graduate student submitting a title for presentation will have obtained the advisor’s/mentor’s approval for the planned presentation prior to submitting the title. 


·         NOTE:  At least one author of each presentation (oral or poster) must be a member in good standing of the Academy (i.e., must have paid dues for 2017) by Tuesday, January 31, 2017.  Please use the link below to access the online VAS Individual Membership Form.  Complete the online form, select the appropriate payment option, and follow the instructions for submitting dues payment.     

Link to VAS Membership Application:



Specific details about the online submission of titles and other information for both oral and poster presentations as well as more detailed information about Annual Meeting will be made available on the VAS website later this year and in early 2017.


Abstracts for all presentations will be collected electronically in May prior to the Annual Meeting.  The due date along with instructions for preparing and submitting abstracts will be provided on the VAS website in the spring of 2017.  Only abstracts of oral presentations and posters actually presented at the Annual Meeting (at least one author must have paid 2017 VAS membership dues) will be published in the 2017 Proceedings issue of Virginia Journal of Science.



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