We have a client who is looking for a Forensics resource for 6 months.  This will be onsite in Milwaukee, WI - details below.  We'll need to be pretty competitive here to have a shot - please provide a quote and your expected lead time to produce at your earliest convenience.

*         Role: Entry Level Forensics

*         Duration: 6 months

*         Location: Milwaukee, WI

*         Onsite Expectations: onsite 100%

*         T&E: Yes

*         Description:  (below)

Basic EnCase forensics skills/entry level is OK
eDiscovery is nice to have

will be "staff aug" to help in the lab
will do basic imaging and start processing jobs
basic desktop/support functions
data entry and paperwork

Basic Skills:
1) Understand general IT/Forensic concepts
a. Setup and Execution of a Forensically Sound Image File
i. This is NOT to be confused with a commercially available backup software such as BackupExec, Norton Ghost, Acronis or similar.
ii. Understand Hashing of disk image files and familiarity with what a "verified image file" means.
iii. Understand the significance and utilization of Forensic Write Blocking Hardware/Software. Currently we utilized Tableau Hardware when possible.
b. Possess basic knowledge of the EnCase V7 Forensic or Enterprise software.
i. General ability to navigate the software and know where and how to use some of its basic functionality to include building image files and wiping attached devices.
ii. Understanding of the significance of wiping media as opposed to a "Format" of a device.
c. Knowledge of how to create file shares and restrict privileges to identified users.
d. Understand partitioning tools and basic differences in partition types.
e. Has experience with dismantling external media to gain access to the enclosed hard drive when necessary. This DOES NOT mean the dismantling of "Sealed" enclosures that are not designed to come apart.
Preferred Skills:
1) Understanding intermediate concepts within the EnCase V7 Environment
a. Knowledge in working with EnCase Enscripts
b. Knowledge in working with EnCase V7 "Conditions" and how to use them across a data set. It would be beneficial if the user was able to have an ability to build and modify basic "Conditions" when applicable.
c. Ability to create cases and define appropriate parameters while creating this case file within the EnCase V7 environment.
2) Familiarity with Digital Forensic Investigative Processes and Methodologies.
a. Chain of Custody
b. Documentation of notable and/or relevant findings related to anomalies in Imaging, Preliminary viewing of data sources.

Interested parties can respond directly to:

Kristi Horton
Horton Innovations, LLC
[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

Bob Osgood (SSA FBI - Retired)
Director - Computer Forensics & Data Analytics
George Mason University
Engr 3255
[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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