Good morning!


As we approach registration on November 1, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of a few things.


1)      REGISTER. While there is not usually a big rush on courses (though some do close quickly) if you do not register in a timely fashion we don’t get to offer classes. When the University and College sees that a course is low enrolled they will advise us to cancel the course to fill others. This happens about a month into registration, but could be sooner. If you want to see a course run, please register for it closer to the start of registration!

NOTE: HIST 796, 803, 804 and various others require a paper form for enrollment. This is time consuming and registrations have a lag-time of several days as it awaits signatures and must be transported to the Registrar’s Office. Please be patient!

2)      DEGREE EVAULATION TOOL: This is a feature offered in PatriotWeb. Unfortunately, it does not work for PhD students. It simply is not clever enough to take major and minor fields into consideration as well as exams to give you a comprehensive picture of your degree status. I advise you to keep a copy of the Program of Study handy and if you ever have a question where anything belongs, consult with Dr. Kierner or me.

3)      RESPONSE TIME: Things are about to get hectic in my office and I may not be able to respond to detailed questions as quickly as we’d both like. It is incredibly helpful if you include your G# and send requests from your Mason e-mail. Please give me time and if a few days pass and you haven’t heard from me, send it again.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.





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