Dear all,

In my application, I have extended Evolve class (here called In this class, I need to instantiate an object from
another class created by my (let's say MyClass obj = new MyClass()).
However, I need to use this object in the evaluate method (implemented
in my problem).

How could I pass this object from MyEvolve (extending to
MyProblem (public class myProblem extends Problem implements
SimpleProblemForm)? This object can not be static, that's why I need
to pass as a parameter. However, ECJ will call the evaluate
implemented according to SimpleProblemForm (exactly the same
parameters). Then, I need to know where ECJ calls evaluate(),  then I
can change it to call a different evaluate (with an additional param),
and add a new evaluate method in SimpleProblemForm (one more
parameter: MyClass obj) or implement a new interface (that also
implements SimpleProblemForm).

Could someone give me directions to solve this, please?


Prof. Dr. Márcio Porto Basgalupp
Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia (ICT)
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Tel: +55 12 3924-9500 (r: 9762)