Just to add: based on your description, MASON is a great tool for your application.


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I would suggest following the tutorial. It starts with downloading then setup of the system. Also, you’ll find examples related to what you’re trying to do.


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I am an independent researcher on game theory and multi-agent interactions. I want to see if I can serve MASON as a framework to define agents that can interact with each other on the basis of the utility function that I will pre-define for them. Is is possible? In fact I need three classes of agents, each one with a specific utility function. I don't know if MASON is good for such stuffs. I will be appreciated if someone help me. I have also downloaded MASON.ZIP and went to start folder and choose MASON.bat( I use Windows 7), but it does not wok. Can someone please tell me about any requirements that I must install before using MASON? I did not find anything in its website.



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