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September 13, 2016

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BaFá BaFá - Workshop


A Cross-Cultural Simulation Experience


More than two dozen US and international students came together last Monday afternoon to participate in a cross-cultural simulation workshop with President Cabrera and Dr. Greg Unruh. During the simulation, students were divided into two groups. Both groups had to familiarize themselves with a "new" cultural reality presented to them. After a quick introduction and several practice sessions, each group began sending observers, then visitors, who tried to engage with the other culture. The results ranged from successful encounters to awkward and confusing experiences on both sides. The session concluded with an engaging discussion of lessons learned. There was also a raffle with a chance to win several copies of Global Being authored by Drs. Cabrera and Unruh. Atis Degro, an international student from Latvia, won the Study Abroad Travel Grant that can be applied to any study abroad program in 2017. The amount of the award is dependent on the destination: travels to Latin America will be awarded a $800 scholarship; Europe will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship; Asia will be awarded a $1,300 scholarship; or Africa will be awarded a $1,800 scholarship.


"Wellbeing on the Waves"


Thursday, September 15 at 12:30pm in Merten Hall 1204


You are cordially invited to a special program about:  
Wellbeing on the Waves
September 15, 12:30pm
George Mason University
Merten Hall 1204


Hosted by: 
Mason Cultural Tours, Cruise Planners and Princess Cruise Lines
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Parking available in Rappahannock Parking Deck

Join Dr. Beth Cabrera on the 
Royal Princess 
May 25-June 3, 2017
 A cruise from Barcelona to Rome

Special Wellbeing and Wellness features for Mason participants
“Come Back New!”


Meet our New Peer Advisors


Khadriya Baker, BA Integrative Studies (Int'l Studies)


I’m a senior at George Mason University pursuing a BA in Integrative Studies with a concentration in International Studies. Having family members living in different parts of the world, I've always loved traveling and wanted to study abroad. Although my study abroad experience had a rocky start, things started looking up during the summer of 2016 when I got to attend the National Taiwanese Normal University. Before the start of my study abroad program, I also made a quick pit stop in the beautiful city of Istanbul, where I finally got trolled by a real life Turkish Ice Cream Man.

While I was attending NTNU, I also got to live in an international environment, full of wonderful students from all walks of life. It was fascinating having conversations about current events with such a diverse group of people and hearing stories from their points of view. Study abroad truly was an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed everything from eating at a toilet themed restaurant on my first week to taking a six hour bus ride to watch the magical sunrise atop Alishan (Ali Mountain) on my last week.


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for Winter and Spring


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We look forward to coordinating a great international experience with you! - Mason Study Abroad Staff


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Study Abroad Socials
September 13, 4pm-6pm
HUB Mtg Room 1

September 14, 4pm-6pm
Johnson Center, Mtg Room G 

September 20, 4pm-6pm
Johnson Center, Mtg Room B

September 21, 4pm-6pm
Johnson Center, Mtg Room F

Workshop: Financing Study Abroad
September 15, 2pm-3pm
HUB Mtg Room 1

Wellbeing on the Waves, with Dr. Beth Cabrera
September 15, 12:30pm
Merten Hall 1204

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