INTO Mason is seeking additional Graduate Lecturers to teach Humanities classes for Fall 2016. 


·         PROV 105: American Cultures 
Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the historical, social and political diversity of American cultures. The course focuses on the development of student ethical self-awareness and intercultural competence though a critical analysis of course materials; and self-reflection of individual beliefs, values and assumptions. Students conduct secondary research to understand the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity both within the United States and throughout the larger global society.


·         PROV 501: Introduction to Graduate Study for International Students (and related courses) 
Course Description: Designed especially for the graduate Pathway students, this course is the first of a two-part transitional course series designed for international students who are studying abroad, emphasizing development, and readiness and success for graduate/professional school enrollment. This first course covers Western educational systems, university policies and procedures, writing skills and research resources, and graduate school study skills and methods. 

All courses are specifically designed for English language learners enrolled at INTO Mason. Instructors will be provided with a tailored curriculum, specific training resources, and reporting requirements associated with the program. 


$2,562/section, plus $1689.90 in tuition benefits

Required Qualifications: 
A master’s or doctorate in a related field(s) and experience teaching in academic settings are required. 

Preferred Qualifications: 
Experience working with English language learners is preferred. 

Current qualified George Mason University graduate students are encouraged to apply and will be hired into a Graduate Lecturer position. 

The position requires 10 hours per week per three-credit course assigned. Employment begins August 15, 2016 (non-negotiable). The position is for Fall 2016 with opportunity for renewal in future terms. 

The position will be supervised by the Course Coordinator(s) associated with the specific courses. 

To apply:

Please send a CV and cover letter to Dr. Steven Harris-Scott ([log in to unmask]).