Well, if you're collecting framework requests—I'd love to see support for
methods (viz. Novelty Search and its descendants, like MAP-Elites).

It's kind of a young, niche area, I suppose, but I think it makes sense for
ECJ in the MASON context: QD methods' primary application is the evolution
of agent behaviors.  And if you're already implementing NEAT anyway, you'll
have their favorite representation covered.


On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 12:40 PM, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> George Mason University has won a 3-year NSF grant specifically to enhance
> the ECJ evolutionary computation toolkit into a broad-based library useful
> to the entire metaheuristics community.
> We need two things:
>         1. We need suggestions for what we should do beyond the list below
> (which is a summary of roughly what we proposed).  In order to convert ECJ
> into a general-purpose toolkit that could serve as a central library to the
> generl metaheuristics community, what is missing from our proposed work
> below?  What would you like to see?
>         2. We'll be building a board of "power users" of ECJ to assess the
> work and make recommendations here and there.  It'll be infrequent and
> minimal work on your part, but it's important for us.  I would like you to
> recommend (directly to me) people to be on that board.  Yes you can
> recommend yourself.
> Here's what we have proposed.  What do you think should also be there?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. Make ECJ More Robust
>         1A. Construct a test harness for ECJ
>         1B. Make distribution-based system tests for ECJ
>         1C. Make unit tests for ECJ
> 2. Add Metaheuristics Frameworks to ECJ
>         2A. Build an Efficient Single-State optimization package (for
> hill-climbing simualted annealing, tabu search, etc.)
>         2B. Build a Combinatorial Optimization package (for GRASP, AS,
> ACS, and likely certain more recent ACO algorithms -- suggestions?)
>         2C. Abstract and extend the Model Fitting Package beyond CMA-ES
> (probably to PBIL, UMDA, BIPOP-CMA-ES or AMaLGaM IDEA -- suggestions?)
>         2D. Build tools to permit hybrid architectures (ILS, memetic
> algorithms), building off if our mete-evolution facility. Suggestions of
> specific algorithms to include?
>         2E. Add NEAT
> 3. Make ECJ Easier to Use
>         3A. Eclipse integration (wizards, code skeletons)
>         3B. Very significantly revise and update ECJ's GUI
> 4. Make ECJ More Useful for Analysis
>         4A. Facilities to dump statistics directly to R.
>         4B. Integrate standard implementations of statistical analyses,
> such as T-tests etc.
>         4C. Add significant number of vector benchmarks, from BBOB etc.
>         4D. Work with representation-specific communities (notably GP,
> ACO, NEAT) to add often-used benchmark problems.
> Sean


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