I am trying to implement a two population based multiobjective coevolution.
Multiobjective fitness (ec.multiobjective.MultiObjectiveFitness.setObjectives)
is set into evaluate() of GroupProblem , postprocessPopulation 
does nothing but sets evaluated flag to true. I am using  parallel coevolution and 
don't do anything with the objective array after performCoeovlutionaryEvaluation(..)

When I print objective array and fitness ( using firtnessToStringForHumans) inside evaluate(..) , both populations
show their correct objective values/ fitness etc. But I don't see the same result in 
statistics file. The statistics file shows that the default subpopulation gets the same objective array/fitness 
as the other subpopulation . If I print their objective array inside breeding pipeline (say inside
selection methods) I also see this erroneous result. I can't guess the mistake...   
I use simplebreeder and simplestatistics.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.