Big Data: It's Everywhere. And So Are We.

Big Data Everywhere is a half-day conference focused on Hadoop, Spark and other big data technologies that brings together users and developers to share their experience via technical sessions and user success stories. Industry and technical experts will share their knowledge, share best practices, and discuss use cases and business applications. 

Big Data Everywhere DC will bring together speakers to address both the commercial and federal audiences.

Featured Talks

How comScore Scales to Process 100,000 Jobs/Day

Mike Brown, CTO of comScore

comScore first started adopting Hadoop in 2009 and it quickly has become the standard method for crunching the proprietary data that it collects into actionable insights for its clients. In this talk, you will hear about the design and decision points that comScore encountered on its Hadoop journey.

Bridging the Data Governance Chasm

Jay Zaidi, Managing Partner, AlyData

Organizations are inundated with data and are having to deal with a highly fragmented data landscape - on-premise and in the cloud. In this new world, securing data assets, ensuring accountability, cataloging critical assets and ensuring adequate data quality is very challenging. The problems are compounded by the fact that most governance teams aren't equipped to deal with Big Data. In this session, I will discuss some observations related to our experience with clients and how we've utilized proprietary methodologies coupled with a structured approach to streamline governance.

Using Data Intelligence to Separate Fact from Fiction on the Dark Web

Tyler Carbone, COO of Terbium Labs

Much myth surrounds the Dark Web. In fact, even defining it is a challenge, and often it is described in vague, sensationalized terms. As the company behind Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated Dark Web data intelligence system, Terbium Labs has observed that while the Dark Web is large, it is not intractably so. The Dark Web primarily consists of several thousand domains and a few hundred forums and marketplaces where illegal content and materials are most often traded. In this session, Tyler Carbone, Chief Operating Officer of Terbium Labs, will present detailed statistics about the types of content that are most notable. He’ll describe examples relating to fraud and data theft and show that by using a data intelligence approach, organizations can truly light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

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