Thanks Sean,

I meant "very exploratory" when I wrote it. :)


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Not only does this guy have a large collection of such simulations, in fact,
he invented them.

Craig Reynolds	[a very nice guy, send him mail]

Swarmfest is the wrong place to look.  The right place to look is SIGGRAPH,

There are extensive swarm simulators for graphics and robotics, the most
famous and impressive one being


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> Hello all,
> I'm doing a comparative (and very exploratory) study on different flocking
simulations. The MASON toolkit comes with that great and simple Flockers
implementation, but I'm curious what else others have come up with. I'm
looking for 2D or 3D (4D even???) implementations, of any complexity, and
any interface. I need the actual code for the implementations, so I can
run/modify the simulations myself. I'm more interested in the "guts" of the
code than the polish, is what I'm trying to say. Any pointers are
> I'm looking through the standard conference proceedings as well
(Swarmfest, etc.) but wanted to ask here first.