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From: Mast, Brent D <[log in to unmask]>
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2016 10:07 AM
Subject: Now Open: HUD PD&R Internship Postings

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Three PD&R internships are now live and accepting applications. Please see below for descriptions and links to apply, and please share widely with interested students.


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Brent Mast, PhD

Social Science Analyst

HUD Office of Policy Development & Research

Program Monitoring & Research Div.




Office of Economic Affairs - Economic Development & Public Finance Division

  1. The Division is responsible for analyzing the impact of all of HUD’s regulatory proposals and seeks an intern to model and describe economic effects of federal policy and regulation. The policy areas are diverse and include public housing, housing finance, and community development. Completing a rigorous analysis requires knowledge of current policy, a detailed understanding of the proposed changes, estimates of how behavior will be altered, and data concerning the scope of potential impacts. An intern would assist with data collection and analysis, literature reviews, and editing, and would gain experience in policy analysis and insight into the federal policy process.


Office of Research, Evaluation and MonitoringProgram Monitoring and Research Division

The primary function of the Program Monitoring and Research Division (PMRD) is to compile and analyze the data in HUD’s administrative systems and make the data available to HUD staff and to researchers. PMRD is recruiting two interns:

2.       one with a focus on spatial analysis and database development support, with a focus on disaster resilience and recovery (ArcGIS experience preferred)

3.       the second with a focus on data analysis and in-house research support (SAS/STATA/R experience preferred).