I think there's an error in BarChartChartingPropertyInspector: it doesn't provide all the types so it won't appear that you can use the various ChartUtilities interfaces. To fix it, change its method to:

    public static Class[] types() 
        return new Class[]
            new Object[0].getClass(), java.util.Collection.class,

I'll do a commit.


On Apr 18, 2016, at 4:24 PM, Russell Thomas <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Thanks for your effort on this.
> I didn't know about #1.  I was searching intently for something like this,
> either in the MASON manual or Javadoc, and eventually in code, but I came
> up empty.  Needless to say, if this were clearly documented with an
> example in MASON manual, then it would be straight forward to use.
> I agree that #1 is probably better.  I'll try it out.
> Russ
> On 4/18/16, 1:16 PM, "MASON Multiagent Simulation Toolkit on behalf of
> Sean Luke" <[log in to unmask] on behalf of
> [log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Okay, try this.
>> 1. MASON's PieChartChartingPropertyInspector and
>> BarChartChartingPropertyInspector can *already* inspect objects with
>> explicit double values and labels.  If your object implements the
>> ChartUtilities.ProvidesDoublesAndLabels interface, you're done.  Try it
>> out.
>> 2. If you really want to inspect arrays or collections with some kind of
>> value/label pair in them, this isn't hard to add.  I whipped something up
>> in PieChartChartingPropertyInspector like this (not committed yet).  The
>> idea is that if you are inspecting a Datum[] or are inspecting a
>> Collection of Datum objects, it'll handle that specially.  Not tested
>> yet, let me know.
>> I still kinda think #1 would be better.
>> Sean