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April 12, 2016

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Mason Celebrates the World

Last week, International Week 2016 kicked off with a beautifully organized parade of flags marching from the HUB, across campus, to the North Plaza. It was a great display of community and diversity at Mason ...

Greece happily interacts with Turkey, Kurdistan shows off a dazzling display of color and fabric, and the Chinese delegation boasts a variety of costumes and dresses that defy clichés of China and nicely underline the vast diversity of the most populous country in the world. Arab countries pose for selfies and the band starts playing American tunes, as students and staff members are getting ready to leave the HUB Ballroom with flags from Uzbekistan, the Vatican, Tunisia, and many more. Meanwhile, the staff of the international office diligently points people to the right direction. The destination is the North Plaza, where the Green Machine awaits the arrival of the international procession ...

The celebration of everything international continues throughout the week. Be sure to check out the official website at<>, so you won’t miss any events. The Mediterranean Night and Travel Noire 2.0 have already taken place. The Dance Competition, a hallmark of Mason’s International Week and scheduled for Thursday, is a spectacular event that ought not to be missed.

More Info

Go to<> to find out more about International Week

For more information about how to experience the world outside of the United States, visit Mason Study Abroad at<>.

Storytelling Continues through
International Week 2016

How to "Record. Share. Inspire."

Follow the steps below to help contribute to Stories Behind the Stamp<> and help support your fellow peers in finding the best program for them by sharing your personal experience.

  1.  Sign up: Click here<> to secure your time slot in the one-button studio
  2.  Show-and-tell: Bring a souvenir from the trip or your favorite picture
  3.  Attend your chosen session time: Show up 10-15 min before your scheduled time in the Mason Study Abroad office (JC Rm 235). We will walk you to the One-Button Studio. Don't forget your show-and-tell artifact.


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