Hi all, I'm still new to MASON and while I was recently able to run the models with no problem, a new error has started appearing in the console. I haven't installed any new Java updates so it's curious to me why this is coming up.

The error is the following:
Mar 25, 2016 4:25:41 PM java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences <init>
WARNING: Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5.

I am using MASON v19, and running the code through Eclipse, Version: Mars.1 Release (4.5.1).

Again, even though this pops up, the models seem to run fine with no problem. Any one with some idea of how to resolve this (or if it even needs resolving?)