April is jam-packed with COS Science Fridays! You are invited to attend a science-filled lunch each week. Visit the webpage for talk descriptions.  SSB’s Dr. Dmitri Klimov will be giving a talk on Friday April 15.


When: April 1 (this Friday)

Where: SciTech Campus, IABR 1004

Speaker: Dr. Mikell Paige

Title: A New Anti-Inflammatory Pathway for Targeting COPD


When: April 8

Where: Exploratory Hall 3301

Speaker: Dr. Rob Axtell

Title: Monkeys Typing, Firms Forming, and City Sizes: Random Growth and Professor Zipf’s Law


When: April 15

Where: SciTech Campus, IABR 1004

Speaker: Dr. Dmitri Klimov

Title: Interactions of Abeta peptides with lipid bilayers: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease


When: April 22

Where: Center for the Arts, Lobby

Event: COS Undergraduate Research Colloquium 

Time: 1:00pm – 4:30pm

(COS Science Fridays has been cancelled for this week. Please support our students at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium.)


When: April 29

Where: Exploratory Hall 3301

Speaker: Dr. Paul Rochmis, M.D.

Title: Uric Acid: A 15 Million Year Story of Starvation, Mutation, Survival, Gluttony, Sugar, Gout and Disease




This informal lecture series is designed to provide members of COS community the opportunity to hear about each other’s work. It is open to all faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.  


Speakers are asked to give a 30-minute presentation about their work. Speaker registration for Fall 2016 will be available after May Convocation at https://cos.gmu.edu/scifri