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Please join us this semester for the Early Americas Workshop! All sessions will be in the Fenwick Library Instruction Room, Fenwick 1014A from 12 pm – 1 pm. Please note that Steve Harris-Scott’s presentation is coming up soon: February 19th.


February 19 (Friday) at noon: Steve Harris-Scott, "A Taxonomy of Apprenticeship in Early Colonial Virginia,” Fenwick Library Instruction Room 1014A

March 29 (Tuesday) at noon: Josh Catalano, “The Forgotten Fort: Reexamining the Psychological, Geographic, and Military Importance of Fort Defiance,” Fenwick Library Instruction Room 1014A

April 12 (Tuesday) at noon: George Oberle, “A Toolbox for the Past- Examining Published Sources for Early American Scholarship. Fenwick Library Instruction Room 1014A



Joan Bristol, Tamara Harvey, and George Oberle