COS Science Fridays: with Iosif Vaisman @ IABR 1004, Science and Tech Campus

Friday Feb 26 @ 12:00 pm

The College of Science invites you to a science-filled lunch! All are welcome to attend.

Speaker Information:

COS_Science Fridays_2016Feb26-vaisman

Who: Dr. Iosif Vaisman, Professor, School of Systems Biology

Title: Building bridges between genomic big data and clinical decision-making

Quantitative data from genomic analysis can be used to build clinically relevant models capable of facilitating diagnostics and treatment as well as providing insights into the pathology of the disease. Such approaches rely on gene expression, mutation and other relevant data from patients or pathogens and utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify patterns that link an individual patient’s genomic profile with their clinical outcome. These patterns are used to construct predictive models which can inform decisions on treatment modalities.