Dear Ph.D. Students,

Please find the attached flyer regarding a paid internship opportunity at the American Association of Immunologists.  The job involves valuable experience working in an institutional historian.  The job is 15-20 hours a week and you must be able to travel to Bethesda (and Rockville).  If you are seriously interested in pursuing this opportunity for credit for Spring semester, you will need to act quickly.  The deadline for adding classes in January 26, 2016.

Here is a brief description:

The History Intern will assist the AAI Historian on a variety of research projects at the AAI Executive Office in Bethesda (Rockville as of February 2016), allowing the intern to gain hands-on experience working as an institutional historian. The intern's primary responsibilities will be to process collected material and assist in the expansion of the AAI archive. This will involve cataloging and digitizing collections as well as helping to create a comprehensive member database. The intern will also have the opportunity to conduct archival research at local repositories, including the National Library of Medicine and the National Archives.

Dr. Smith

Suzanne E. Smith
Professor of History
Internship Director
Department of History and Art History
George Mason University
(703) 993-2147
(703) 993-1251 (fax)