Hi All,

Happy new year !

>>I am using  and in my own evaluator as is but renaming  NSGA2MultiobjectiveFitness to xyz. When I call assignFrontRanks(Subpopulation subpop) inside the evluator (same as NSGA2Evaluator calls this method), I get ClassCastException Error on the line ((xyz)(((Individual)(front.get(ind))).fitness)).rank = rank; I can't find the reason. Any clue?

>> I understand that xyz/NSGA2MultiobjectiveFitness sets pareto rank of each individuals. Does this rank act as  individual's fitness value while individuals are selected in the bottom of breeding pipeline (note: I am using tournamentselection in param filet)? Or I need to implement custom selection algorithm to act pareto rank as fitness ?

Thanks in advance