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>>> I am using MultiobjectiveFitness.java  and NSGA2MultiobjectiveFitness.java in my own evaluator as is but renaming  NSGA2MultiobjectiveFitness to xyz. When I call assignFrontRanks(Subpopulation subpop) inside the evluator (same as NSGA2Evaluator calls this method), I get ClassCastException Error on the line ((xyz)(((Individual)(front.get(ind))).fitness)).rank = rank; I can't find the reason. Any clue?

Sound like your fitness object can't be cast to an xyz.  This implies that it's probably still an NSGA2MultiobjectiveFitness.  Did you change what the fitness class was in your parameter file?

Why are you renaming MultiobjectiveFitness.java?  This is highly nonstandard and seems like something that's going to cause a whole heap of problems.  Why not just subclass it?