Is there any way to completely avoid selection operators from breeding pipeline? 
I want to pass each individual ( from index zero to max-1) from down to top of the pipeline without using any selection algorithm.

#. I tried omitting the sources (ie. base.source.0, base.source.1) in param file but it does not permit to omit them. 

#. Tried to override the alternate produce(, ,) which returns the index of the selected individual as follows :

       private int index = -1;
       produce (subpop, state , thread) {
          //just increment and return the index
then putting the child selection class (say x) for base.source.0 = x, base.source.1 = x guessing that individual 1 will be selected from both sources and that ind will be passed to the top of the pipeline, then individual 2 will be selected and so on until index goes to max - 1. But I am not getting the expected result as it should be. So, I hope that I am missing something. Any clue?

Thanks in advance,