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January 26, 2016

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Abroad is Out There

Last weekend, a famous, long-running TV show saw a revival on a major U.S. network. Once more, two special agents are out-and-about to seek the truth and uncover the mysteries of the world. 

Unfortunately, we can’t turn you into special agents. But, our special agents – pardon – Program Officers can assist you in solving one mystery.. We can get you out there. Into the world. 

Abroad is out there, so where do you start?

Study AbroadMasonAbroadMason Global – Mason’s web and social media is full of references to global and international. What does that all that mean? Let’s try to uncover that mystery by juxtaposing the physical world with the virtual world. 

The Office

Let us begin with the physical domain. Mason Study Abroad is essentially the brick-and-mortar location for all things study abroad. We have an office filled with people that can talk to you face-to-face every week. Come visit us in the Johnson Center,Room 235. Our doors are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Unless beastly weather monsters like #Snowzilla descend on the area again. In that case, you’d be advised to do your research online.

Manage your Applications

MasonAbroad is George Mason University’s new enrollment management system for international travel. Like an online shop, MasonAbroad lists a plethora of programs currently available to you. You can even register independent travel. Like many online shops, MasonAbroad allows you to create a profile, manage your applications, and keep track of your status. You can easily communicate with your Program Officer without ever leaving the system – no, we are not talking about the solar system. Let’s stay focused. 

What we’ve learned so far

Mason Study Abroad is an office in the Johnson Center with lots of friendly people that will assist you in your international endeavors. MasonAbroad is an online portal that provides information on international programs and serves as an enrollment system.

Mason Global

Now that you are on your way to globalizing your Mason experience, you should take a look at Mason Global, that is the Office of Global Strategy, the lead unit responsible for Mason’s global and international initiatives, of which Mason Study Abroad, Mason Korea, and the Confucius Institute, to name but a few, form a part. 

This is where we conclude our little tour. We hope you had a pleasant time. 

Always remember, Abroad is out there.

Stay safe and warm this week!

Mason Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs
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