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i'm on a tablet right now, so I don't want to write that much.
But you find a short description of my thesis (and the paper) here:

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Am 14.12.2015 17:59 schrieb "Sean Luke" <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi all.  In preparation of another grant proposal involving MASON, we are
> looking for current or past non-GMU examples from MASON users in *computer
> science*.  That is instead of use of MASON in computational biology,
> computational social science, and the like, we're looking for examples of
> using MASON for research in topics like:
>         - graphics
>         - swarm robotics
>         - multiagent systems or multiagent learning
>         - evolutionary computation
>         - systems or networking
>         - artificial life
>         - ... etc.
> If you have used MASON in this way, please send ME mail directly with a
> two or three-sentence description, plus the researchers involved, their
> institutions, and their email addresses.  We would very much appreciate it.
> Sean