Good Afternoon:

This is a friendly reminder that if you plan to apply for an on-the-job internship or student teaching placement for Fall 2016, the deadline to submit your information to me is February 15.  I know it seems early, but the deadline will be here before you know it, and I want to make sure you have time to complete all requirements if you have not already done so.


To apply, you MUST have the following completed by February 15:

•             All endorsement coursework, with all transcripts submitted to Mason and approved. 

•             All official and passing test scores, submitted and in the Mason system (i.e. Banner/Patriot Web).

•             All licensure coursework, with passing grades posted on transcripts, by the end of the semester prior to beginning the placement.

•             The First Aid/CPR/AED requirement. Visit  for instructions on how to complete.


To start the process, please fill out the attached application form.  Please make sure you use the form for your situation, for example,  On the Job Internship—ESL or Teacher Candidate--ELEM.   FYI, the student teaching forms are called “teacher candidate” now instead of student teaching as it is the new accepted term for what we previously called student teaching.


Once you send in your application, I can monitor your progress in Banner to ensure you have completed endorsement coursework, testing and licensure coursework.  However,  please send me a copy of your first aid certificate once you have it so that I know you completed that requirement.


Let me know if you have any questions.



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Leslie Silkworth l TCLDEL Placement Coordinator

Division of Advanced Professional Teacher Development & International Education

Phone:  703-993-2888

Email:  [log in to unmask]