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Sent: Friday, November 20, 2015 4:53 PM
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Subject: Instant HR/Payroll: Organizational Charts for JLARC, Family Matters Survey Available, Updated Procedures for Parental Leave for 9-month Instructional Faculty, and a Donation Reminder


Requesting Organizational Charts

In preparation for the JLARC Span of Control review, we are requesting updated org charts from each division. The org charts should include name, title, and position number for all benefited faculty and staff positions. Non-benefited positions need to be included too, but can be grouped into one box such as “4-6 SW/GR/GA, 2 WG, 4 Adjuncts” under their supervisor. We request that the org charts be sent to [log in to unmask] before winter break.


Family Matters at Mason: An Invitation for Feedback

A Mason working group composed of faculty, staff and administrators has been formed to explore faculty and staff needs and ideas in the area of family support. We are currently seeking feedback on two specific initiatives related to the child care needs of our faculty and staff living near or working on the Fairfax campus.

   • Spring Break Camp for school-aged children, 12 and under
   • Extended Hours Care (before 7:00am or after 6:00pm) for children 2 -12 years old

We also invite faculty and staff at all Mason locations to share their specific family care challenges, including child care, eldercare, special needs support, and other family care matters.


As you know, the university recently implemented a new Parental Leave Policy for Instructional 9-Month Faculty. Through the survey below, we hope to gather further feedback on family-related challenges and potential University supports. Depending upon your responses, there is a maximum of 12 questions and we anticipate the survey will take less than 7 minutes to complete.


The survey is available for the next couple of weeks at  Feel free to email [log in to unmask] if you have any questions.


Update: Parental Leave for 9-Month Faculty

As a follow up to the discussion of the new policy, #2230 Parental Leave for Instructional 9-month Faculty, at the recent HR Liaison meeting, we wanted to share updated procedures that will help clarify the implementation of the policy.  As a reminder, the policy was effective on the date that it was signed, October 22, 2015.  Transition language was shared with each dean.  We’ve copied it in its entirety below:


The Parental Leave policy #2230 will be effective on the date that it is signed.  If a 9-month faculty member is in a department with a bona fide parental leave policy in place that predates Policy #2230, they will be governed by the leave policy in place at the time of their child’s birth or adoption if the faculty member committed to a leave under that policy prior to the effective date of policy #2230. 


In all other cases, as well as in cases of 9-month faculty members who are in departments without a bona fide parental leave policy previously in place, faculty members should initiate a conversation with their department chair and/or dean to arrange a mutually agreed upon solution.  Human Resources & Payroll benefits staff are also available to assist in the conversation.


The goal during the transition to policy #2230 is for all involved to work collaboratively and with flexibility when warranted.


If you have any questions, please email the Benefits team at [log in to unmask].

Reminder: Help the Child Development Center Help Others

Mason’s Child Development Center (CDC) is taking the concepts of sharing and caring beyond the classroom and into the community by supporting a philanthropic cause for this year’s season of thanks. 


Ellie’s Hats: New winter hats (bought or handmade) are being collected through December 16 for local children battling childhood cancer.  A flyer is available to post in your office if you would like.


Your generous donation can be dropped off at the CDC or HR & Payroll (Merten Hall, 4th floor).