Dear all,

I'm using GP for combining 'matrix objects' (for example, matrix A, B and
C). I also have a node representing a number (extending ERC class). Then, I
would like to evolve individuals such as 'A*B', '2*A + B', 'C*A + 2*B',
etc, i.e., my 'complete individual' must return a matrix. I can not, for
example, have an individual like '2 + 2' or '3 * 2', because it would
return a number (not a matrix). If I use a GE (Grammatical Evolution) I can
easily avoid it by using the grammar. How can I avoid it by using GP in
ECJ? Is there any way to ensure that I will always have at least one matrix
as a terminal node?


Prof. Dr. Márcio Porto Basgalupp
Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia (ICT)
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Tel: +55 12 3309-9500 (r: 9762)