Please find below a job posting I just received. It's in DH, but the content field is flexible.

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Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2015 9:21 AM
Subject: MTSU job ad

HI All

Our department is hoping to hire a faculty member to teach digital history, and I'm trying to spread the word about this opening. In particular, I wanted to point out that we have permission to hire at the assistant or associate level. If you know anyone who perhaps does not scan the job ads hourly with zeal of a someone on the market for the first time, but nonetheless might be tempted to apply, please forward this email!

A few other notes: As long as they do digital history, we're open to any other specializations. Our graduate programs (MA and PhD) in public history are strong and growing, and we're looking for someone who wants to work with graduate students.

Finally, Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a 45 minute drive from Nashville. About 1/3 of our faculty live in Nashville.


Cynthia A. Kierner

Professor of History

Director, Ph.D. Program in History

George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia 22030