Dear Students,
The Spring 2016 schedule is available for viewing now on Patriot Web, if you will take a look to plan your spring registration.  Registration begins on November 3!

Note that BIOS 740 "Lab Methods" lab course is one of the concentration courses in Cell & Molecular concentration, and will substitute for BIOL 718 "Techniques" for the Micro & Infectious Diseases concentration.   The course meets on several Mondays at 1:30 prior to the week-long lab session that meets Mon-Fri during spring break.  Contact Dr. Geraldine Grant to reserve a spot in the class.

You may also register for elective courses outside of Biosciences depending on your research interest, in BIOL, NEUR, BINF, etc.  Contact Dr. Kehn-Hall for approval if you wish to register for a course outside of BIOL or BIOS for your degree program.

For a lab rotation (BIOS 703), first send an email to the professor you will be working with for permission, and then forward his/her answer to me.  I'll email you the CRN to use to register with.

If you plan on BIOS 898 or 899 directed study/research credits to work with a professor one-on-one, fill out the form found on under "Doctoral students".  It will need the instructor's signature.  Send the form to me ASAP.

Thank you,
Diane St. Germain

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