Dear Mason users!

I have been using some basic code to produce simulations for quite a while.

These tools allow to easily produce interactive simulations with graphs, 
controls, and a reasonable screen layout.

I have now cleaned up this set of tools and uploaded it to github. 
Comments and suggestions are always welcome, you are free to use and 
modify the toolset under the terms of the AFL. Comments and suggestions 
are always welcome.

The collection features:

  * *Declared Properties:* A way to neatly set properties on parameter
  * *TitledSimpleInspector:* A better looking inspector allowing for
    titles and thus sections
  * *DataCollector:* A utitity class that collects data and is neatly
  * *DataCollectorChart:* An automatic Charting facility for the
  * *Layout*: An automatic Layout to fill the screen with display,
    console and charts
  * *Flockers*: An example using the whole Suite

Furthermore there is some scala classes to use the Properties and the 
Datacollector neatly from scala. As I use Scala for modelling this is 
more convenient. Actually Mason and Scala work nicely - you can find a 
Schelling example in Scala in the source.

The toolset can be found on:

I also have a toolset for parameter sweeps and cloud computing. I will 
clean it up and publish it as soon as I find time.

best regards,