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Winter Break 2016

Organizational Psychology in Rome


This course will delve into the wonders of Rome, both modern and ancient, but from a unique perspective: the business side. What does it take to run a museum? How does a soccer team choose the players to trade for? And on the ancient side of things, how did Hannibal defeat larger forces with his ragtag mix of Carthaginians, Celts, Gauls, etc.? How did Constantine cobble together a coalition of wildly different religions? We will explore the city and surrounding areas, and engage in discussion of applicable psychological concepts including transformational leadership, international business, organizational change, personnel selection, and performance appraisal.



Psychology in Morocco


This is an amazing opportunity for students to combine cross-cultural psychology with international travel! Experiencing Moroccan culture is highlighted, as this experiential learning course focuses on on the installation of cultural values, with an emphasis on how stigma and stereotypes disrupt/reinforce health and well-being.


Semester Programs
The Oxford Semester

Looking for a longer study abroad experience? The Oxford Semester or Academic Year Experience is the perfect program for students interested in Psychology. Learn valuable skills through research and analysis which will set you apart from your peers in the job market. Students majoring in Psychology have studied tutorials at Oxford in the areas of Developmental Psychology, Psychological Disorders, Social Behaviour, and more.

Read more about possible psychology topics!



Florence Spring Semester

Spend this spring in Florence on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Psychology students may study Cross Cultural Psychology (HNRS 131, PSYC 379), while also studying Italian art, culture, history and language.



Bilateral Exchange (Semester or Academic Year)

Most affordable option for students paying in-state tuition - pay Mason tuition to Mason, pay room and board abroad. Credits from the institutions below can be applied to your major!


Direct Enrollment (Semester or Academic Year)

Most affordable option for students paying out-of-state tuition - pay a set program fee that is less expensive than tuition at Mason. Credits from the institutions below can be applied to your major!

International Internships
Did you know you can earn Mason credit with an internship study abroad program? Don’t wait until after graduation to earn valuable global work experience for your resume. Mason internship study abroad programs are offered over the summer and semester, in many countries around the globe: Argentina, Brazil, China, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, and more! Contact Mary Getsey Bernier at [log in to unmask], for detailed information, or schedule an advising session.
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