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Winter Break 2016

International Organizations in Switzerland


The Survey of International Organizations (SIO) provides students with an overview of the goals, functioning and significance of key international organizations in today’s fast changing global environment.


Youtube: Video by Academic Director Dr. Trevor Thrall


The New Cuba


There has never been a better time to study abroad in Cuba.

Cuba’s unique political and cultural history has long made it the subject of rich intellectual discussion and debate. Economic, political, and social reforms have signaled a time of transition since the 1990s. And this year’s diplomatic opening between the US and Cuba promises to profoundly impact the island’s future.



Greece: Monumental Politics


When people fight over the ‘sacred ground’ of the 9/11 memorial, debate the politics of the Vietnam Memorial, or grieve with the six thousand statues that attended the death of Sulla in Rome; they demonstrate the political stakes and importance of public monuments. This classexamines the political importance of monuments and memorials. What lives are worthy of commemoration?




Qatar and the United Arab Emirates


This brand new 3-credit course will focus on the strategic global policies of oil and natural gas and its political, economic and social impact on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.


Great Cities of East Central Europe

This course will be an investigation of the history of nations, nationalism, and the great cities of East Central Europe - PragueVienna, andBudapest. Because the course is designed around a study tour, students will be examining the events in history where they happened.


Community Building in South Africa

Students will go on an academic and experiential journey through the tropical province of KwaZulu-Natal. Students will live with Zulu families in urban townships and rural villages, observe infrastructure projects, cultural performances, and traditional rituals.


Semester Programs
The Oxford Semester

Looking for a longer study abroad experience? The Oxford Semester orAcademic Year Experience is the perfect program for students interested in Government. With many Prime Ministers, cabinet, and other political actors as alumni, Oxford University is the perfect place to rub shoulders with future leaders while gaining valuable skills in research, analysis, and debate.

Participants majoring in Government studied: British Empire 1800-1947; Middle Eastern Politics; Feminist Political Thought w/in Islamic Societies; Politics of Human Rights; International Relations since 1945; Urban Anthropology; Dynamics of Power in Europe; International Relations since 1945; Sociological Theory: Contemporary Political Ideologies; Contemporary Political Thought; Legal Issues in Free Speech; Comparative UK & US Law; Philosophy of Law; International Relations; Middle Eastern Politics; Comparative Government; Urban Geography; Comparative UK and US Law; European Union Politics and Government; and Political Speech Writing and many other topics too.



Florence Spring Semester

Spend this spring in Florence on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The perfect introduction to Italian art, culture, history and language, this spring semester study abroad program in Florence is sure to please.



Bilateral Exchange (Semester or Academic Year)

Most affordable option for students paying in-state tuition - pay Mason tuition to Mason, pay room and board abroad. Credits from the institutions below can be applied to your major!


Direct Enrollment (Semester or Academic Year)

Most affordable option for students paying out-of-state tuition - pay a set program fee that is less expensive than tuition at Mason. Credits from the institutions below can be applied to your major!

International Internships
Interested in a summer or semester internship in Government? Did you know you can earn Mason credit abroad in a study abroad internship? To learn more,Schedule an advising appointment with Mary Getsey Bernier, Program Manager, Study Abroad International Internships.
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