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Winter Break 2016
International Organizations in Switzerland

The Survey of International Organizations (SIO) provides students with an overview of the goals, functioning and significance of key international organizations in today’s fast changing global environment. The course examines the achievements and failures of some of the world’s most important economic, political and humanitarian organizations from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Youtube: Video by Academic Director Dr. Trevor Thrall


Semester Options
The Oxford Semester

Looking for a longer study abroad experience? The Oxford Semester or Academic Year Experience is the perfect program for students interested in Global Affairs.

Students majoring in Global Affairs have studied Political Theory & Thought, Politics and Economic Development, Public International Law, Refugees and Human Rights, International Law and Human Rights, Arab-Israeli Relations, Politics & Government of Israel, Comparative Governments of East Asia and Europe, Gender Issues in Third World, Conflict and Politics... and many other topics in these programs.




Bilateral Exchange (Semester or Academic Year)

Most affordable option for students paying in-state tuition: pay Mason tuition to Mason, pay room and board abroad. Credits from the institutions below can be applied to your major!

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