Students, if you plan to graduate in fall 2015 please log in to Patriot Web and apply to graduate now.  The deadline to apply is October 4.


  *   Login to Patriot Web<>.
  *   Click on the Student Services tab.
  *   Click on Student Records.
  *   Click on Apply to Graduate.
  *   Read through the Graduation Application Introduction and click continue.
  *   Click Submit on the Curriculum Term Selection page.
  *   Select your current program
  *   Choose your Graduation Date and click "Continue".
  *   Choose the term in which you will have completed ALL degree requirements
  *   Review the summary information. Report any errors or omissions immediately to [log in to unmask] or 703-993-2441.
  *   Click Submit.

Thank you,
Diane St. Germain

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