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> Depending on how much work you need MASON GUI to do, you could also ditch display2D and draw using Jung directly. I always felt Jung 2.0 have some of the most elegant API for drawing simple graphs (aging a bit now that Java 8 replaced most of the apache commons used by Jung, but still great).
> Nice tutorial here:

The old MASON-Jung stuff that Maciej had hacked together included a Display just for Jung, I thought, which was distinct from Display2D and Display3D (a DisplayJung, as it were).  You might try starting there.

Alternatively, you could modify Display2D so that its InnerDisplay2D is instead some subclass of a Jung component or panel instead of what it is, which is (I think?) a subclass of JPanel.  This would then let you hack in the ability to draw Jung stuff in the lowest layer and maybe other MASON stuff on top if you cared, but more importantly, it'd be an easy way to hack Jung stuff into Display2D directly.