Dear all,

I'm very new to agent-based modeling and am planning to use MASON for a bachelor thesis project. Unfortunately I am having some trouble integrating the framework into an IDE.

I tried to follow the Eclipse tutorial linked on the MASON homepage (here: ), but cannot figure out step 5. There is no menu option called "Create project from existing source" in Eclipse Luna on Windows 7.

I then switched to NetBeans and tried the other tutorial, also linked on the MASON homepage (here: ), which kind of works - I can compile and run MASON from NetBeans. But this approach also dumps a large number of files (including all the tutorials, ReadMes, etc.) directly into my project structure, which is now rather cluttered. Is there no cleaner way to link MASON as a library? I am also worried about portability of the project, my supervisors want to keep track of progress through Github and in the end we would like to deploy the model as a single executable file.

I am somewhat familiar with both Eclipse and NetBeans, but I have no experience at all with building and linking complex projects, using makefiles and other such things. I would very much appreciate some pointers on this matter. Either Eclipse or NetBeans are fine by me, as long as I can find a clean and reliable way to use them with MASON.

Miriam Tschanen