Hi Sean, hi all,

First of all let me just express my joy for this decision. I believe
it can create an interesting dynamic around MASON.

Regarding your question, I do not have the experience myself, but it
seems the folk at GitHub have taken some care to guarantee things go
smoothly. They enforce a particular repository structure clearly
defining where branches and tags  reside:


Thus all svn actions should unequivocally map to a git action (or set
of actions), avoiding unexpected repository states.

Naturally, svn lacks loads of interesting stuff existing in git, such
as stashing, sub-modules, etc. If one of these modern things is pushed
to GitHub, then whomever accesses the repository with svn might start
missing some of the fun.



On 4 June 2015 at 15:21, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> So I'm thinking we may migrate ecj and mason to GitHub, which has dual git/SVN access.  I'll probably still maintain things in SVN, but if you're into git you can access the repositories that way.
> I imagine read/write from SVN and *read* from git works fine.  But does anyone with experience in this model know how well doing read/write from both git and svn works in reality?
> Sean