Our experience in my course this year was interesting. I am a PC user, but
many of the students had Mac laptops. We spent an enormous amount of time
trying various website tricks to get Java 3D to work. A couple of Macs got
it right just from the jars. Others did not. What worked for some did not
work for others, even with the same latest OS. I finally had to omit 3D from
the course. The online blogs also indicate variable results. I hope it is
easier next Spring. Perhaps some of the experiences of the Mason user-group
will help.  

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> Hi K,
> One of my colleagues recently installed MASON on a Mac to test some of 
> the tools I have been developing. This is what he did:
> 1. Install Java from Oracle (I recommend going with version 8)
> 2. Install Eclipse
> 3. Download the MASON jar
> 4. Create a new Java project in Eclipse and add the MASON jar to the 
> build path

I would also add the jar files from the file availailable

> Like this you won't have 3D support but you'll be good to go for 
> everything else.

Building 3D support for the Mac is a matter of grabbing a bunch of jar files
from the jogamp website, and dumping them in as well (see the MASON web page
for rough instructions).