Dear PhD Students,
A reminder that If you plan to register for independent study credits (BIOS 898/899 Directed Study/Research) in fall 2015, please consult with the professor you will be working with to fill out the form on
under "Directed Study/Research".   Send me the form once it's signed by you and the professor. You should register for your credits now.

To register again for more dissertation proposal credits (BIOS 998)  or dissertation research credits (BIOS 999) in fall 2015, please send me the attached Dissertation Progress Form signed by your committee members.  Fax or email is fine for this.

For a lab rotation (BIOS 703), first send an email to the professor for permission and then forward his/her answer to me.  I'll email you the CRN to use to register with.

Any questions please let me know.  I would appreciate having the necessary forms or emails by June 30 or soon after for fall registration.

Hope you have a great summer !

thank you,
Diane St. Germain

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