CEIE Graduate Students and seniors:

Please take note of the following course which should be of interest to all of you.  Discuss with your advisor if it may serve as a substitute for one of your electives, particularly if you are following the Construction track.  Senior CEIE majors may also seek to take this course as an extra technical elective.


Engineering MKTG/FNAN Analysis - 78486 - GBUS 510 – 001

Wednesday from 7:20-10:00PM

“This team-taught, two-part course covers an overview of marketing practices and financial analysis with both topics aligned to the requirements of entry-level engineers. One half of the course includes the essentials of “Go to Market” strategy and planning – and the remainder of the course presents an introduction to accounting, budget management, project pricing and overhead calculation.  Written and oral communications are emphasized in course projects.”​

Thank you,