Just a reminder.  We will be canceling low enrollment courses beginning in June.  So, if there is some particular course that you are interested in taking but have yet to register, please do so by early June.  If you are not ready to register but are interested in a specific course, please let me know via email of your interest.

There are a number of catalog changes for AY 2015-2016.  And, the information currently posted on the Statistics department website (http://statistics.gmu.edu/pages/ms_statistical_science.html) refers to the degree requirements for 
students admitted for Fall 2015, not for those with earlier catalog terms.  In particular, the elective courses from other departments listed in the catalog and at the statistics website are applied "automatically" toward the MS degree only for those admitted for the Fall 2015 (or later) catalog term.  For those with earlier catalog years, you have two options if you wish to take courses outside the department as electives.  You can either submit a customized plan of study for approval by the faculty or change your catalog year; the form for changing the catalog year is:  

I have sent most of the following information in earlier emails.  However, there appears to be some confusion about it.  So, I am repeating it here.

1) MS students who add the Certificate in Data Analytics certificate will no longer be allowed to substitute STAT 663 for STAT 515 in fulfilling requirements for the Certificate in Data Analytics.  If you signed up for the Certificate in Spring 2015 or earlier, I have already entered the substitution into your degree evaluation.  

2) Starting last academic year (AY 2014-2015), you cannot receive credit for both STAT 515 and STAT 663. 

3) OR 645 (Stochastic Processes), SYST 664/CSI 674 (Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory), and OR 719/CSI 775 (Graphical Models for Inference and Decision Making) will no longer be crosslisted as STAT courses.  So, you can still take them, but they will only apply toward elective credits, not methodology credits.  And, you will need to either submit a customized plan of study for approval or change your catalog year.
4) There is a new course STAT 654 Applied Statistics II.  For those admitted for Fall 2015 (or later), this will replace STAT 656 Regression Analysis as a core requirement.  However, you can take the course as a methodology course.  Or, if you change your catalog year, you can use it as a core course in place of STAT 656.
5) The prerequisites/corequisites for a number of courses has changed effective Fall 2015.  See the AY 2015-2016 catalog for details.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Dr. Davis