We have several GTA positions available for the next academic year.  The requirements are "good academic standing" (no recent C's or F's; overall GPA of 3.0 or better) and minimum TOEFL score (if applicable).

The main aspects of the Teaching Assistantship (GTA) position are:
1) You cannot have another full or part-time job. 
2) Pays $6K stipend each semester.
3) Time commitment of maximum 20 hrs/week.
4) Small tuition grant.  (I don't know exactly how much this will be.  It should be at least $200 per credit, up to 6 credits  per semester.)
5) No healthcare benefits.

Graders work by the hour ($15/hour).
If you need more details to consider either the GTA or grader position, please let me know. 

Dr. Davis