We are creating a software project that uses MASON and  is now in a GitHub
repository.  Eventually, we want to expand this into an open source project.

We want to use Maven to build the project, and this would be very easy if
MASON and itıs dependencies were registered in The Central Repository
(  Apparently, this was done in the past
(2009) but itıs now very out of date.  Having our project and all
dependencies registered in The Central Repository makes it much easier for
software developers to use our libraries and stay up-to-date with a
streamlined build process.

Question: is there any plan to register MASON and its dependencies in The
Central Repository?  If not, who should we talk to about this topic?

In the meantime, we will find a short-term workaround for our project.


Russ Thomas
Department of Computational Social Science
George Mason University