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Subject: Looking for a few more website judges
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Thank you, again, for signing up to judge websites at the National Contest this year.  Many of you have registered into the online system. Thank you for doing so.  If you haven't yet, please do this within the next couple of weeks.  It takes just a few minutes. The instructions are below.


As of this moment, we still need 15 website judges (5 in junior division, and 10 in senior division).  If you know anyone who would be a terrific website judge, please send him/her my way. Maybe there is someone in your office, with whom you could share a ride… just a thought.


I appreciate your help in recruiting our remaining team members. 





Website Judge Registration Instructions -- National Contest 2015


Please note that you'll be registering into the same online system that students and teachers use. If some items look odd, that's why, but the judging section is entirely separate.


To register as a judge, you will need:




·         Below the map and text, select "Judge" from the drop-down menu for registrant type.


·         If you judged websites in 2014, your username and password will still work. If you've misplaced them, please email Kim ([log in to unmask]) and we'll send them to you.

o   Enter your username and password.

o   If successful, you’ll see your name beside a green checkmark.

o   Please click on your name and update any of your contact information. This is so that your teammates can contact you during the judging period.

o   Please also indicate your preferences, which will not have been saved from 2014. You’ve already told us this in the online survey, but the system needs to know.

o   Please log out by clicking “Finished for now? Save and log out.” You're all done for now.



·         If you did not judge websites in 2014, please select the link that says “Don’t have a username and password? Click here to begin.” 

o   Create a username and password and make a note of them, as you will need them again to access important judge information and, eventually, entry evaluation forms.

o   Once your username and password are created, you can continue registering.

o   Please log out by clicking “Finished for now? Save and log out.” You're all done for now.


Thank you.  You'll receive an email in late-May when it's time to return to this site for judging.








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