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Summer 2015

British-American Intelligence

Dates: May 19-June 15, 2015 
Application Deadline: March 20, 2015
Academic Director: Dr. Kimberly Urban 

Earn 6 credits! Anyone can participate in this 4 week program in Oxford!

This course will provide an overview of the form, function, purpose, and general capabilities of British and American Intelligence Communities. We will focus on how each organization helps its policymakers make informed national security decisions and how each has succeeded and failed in supporting national security and British-American interests. 


Summer 2015

Human Trafficking, Enviromental Issues, Grassroots Peacebuilding in the Phillipines 

Dates: May 25-June 29, 2015 
Application Deadline: March 20, 2015
Academic Director: Dr. Al Fuertes 

Mabuhay! Known as the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines has 7,107 islands and nearly 90 languages and dialects. This summer study abroad program will offer students direct contact with world issues like poverty and environmental change by granting them unique access to Filipino life and culture.



Summer 2015

Israel and Palestine Internships 

Dates: June 6-August 9, 2015 
Application Deadline: March 20, 2015
Academic Director:  Dr. Yehuda Lukacs 

Requires a GPA of 2.50

This intensive 9-week program begins with a seminar in Jerusalem where leading Israeli and Palestinian experts, representatives of various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), peace activists, and private sector and government officials will address the group and share their perspectives on the dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian relations. 

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