Brown Bag Series Presentation

Breaking Software

Day in the life of a cyber-warrior


Join us for a highly informative, technical and demo-packed session showcasing the ample career opportunities available for computer science and engineering undergraduates in the US law enforcement, defense and intelligence community.


In this session you will learn about the insatiable need for cyber-security talent within the US government and defense contractors and how you can develop the skills to participate in this high growth area that virtually guarantees internships and employment.


You will get visibility into the bleeding edge, high impact and mission critical work performed by these institutions in the an area of applied computer science called "offensive cyber-security" that involves super cool ninja skills like Binary Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Discovery and Exploit Development.



Feb 5th 2015 Thursday, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM


Volgenau School of Engineering, Research Hall 163


Presented by Cyber Warrior Academy