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> 1. Delete a GPNode from a GPTree. The function should find the node in the tree and remove that, then update children field of parent and also update argposition (and other details) of sibling. Note that the node is extracted before from tree and we know it is surely in the tree.

ECJ doesn't have a function which does this.  When you remove the node from the tree, what replaces it?

> 2. Add a new created GPNode to a proper position in the tree. The function should find the right position in the tree (probably based on parent type of new node), and add node as a new child of its new parent. It should also update Argposition (and other details) of its new sibling if they are not valid.

ECJ again doesn't have a built-in function to do this.  There are many posible "proper positions" in a typical GPTree.  Which would would ECJ choose?  Additionally, what was occupying the slot before, and where does that object go now that the GPNode has displaced it?