VSE Faculty,

In the past year we, along with many other institutions, have been subject to new and more stringent requirements for export compliance.  The implementation of the new requirements has not always gone smoothly.

Aurali Dade in the Office of Research would like to create an advisory board to provide guidance in this area.  You can read her message below for more information.  Also, you can read her draft of the bylaws for this board (attached).

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Aurali Dade ([log in to unmask]) by January 5, 2015.

Stephen Nash

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Subject: Export Compliance Advisory Board
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 15:11:02 -0500
From: Aurali Dade <[log in to unmask]>
To: Kenneth Ball <[log in to unmask]>, "Stephen G. Nash" <[log in to unmask]>, Peggy Agouris <[log in to unmask]>, Evans Mandes <[log in to unmask]>
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Dear Deans and Associate Deans,

  I believe you are all aware of the background on the export compliance program at Mason and the urgent need to implement a compliant program.  I appreciate the support you have provided for the program to this point.  I realize that you also have been receiving concerns and complaints from faculty impacted by the implementation of the program. I have also received a good amount of feedback during the past month and have decided to form an advisory board for the export compliance and sanctions program at Mason. 

  The purpose of the board will be to provide guidance related to the implementation of export compliance and sanctions policies and procedures, training, and communications at Mason.  The board will report to me as the empowered official for this program and will be supported by the content matter experts in my office.  This board will be constituted with faculty as well as administrative department heads responsible for implementation of this important program.  I have attached draft bylaws that describe the purpose of the board further (these bylaws will be edited and discussed by the board prior to approval – this is simply a draft modeled after the faculty advisory board for policy development).

  I have discussed this board with several faculty members who conduct this type of research and they have expressed enthusiastic support for the formation of the board and interest in serving on it. I request that you forward this message broadly to the faculty in your college and ask that they contact me by January 5, 2015 if they are interested in serving on the board.  We anticipate that much of the work of the board will be conducted online with meetings scheduled when complex emerging issues must be discussed. This board is focused solely on the topics of export compliance and sanctions program implementation and therefore we anticipate that we will be quite active in the spring semester but that the workload will reduce significantly as the program continues to become established.

  I look forward to continued collaboration with you and the faculty in your colleges to support the research enterprise at Mason.

Kind regards,



Aurali Dade, PhD

Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity & Assurance

George Mason University

(703) 993-5381



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