Hello everyone,

I am compiling a list of "What's New?" for this academic year to use in various media outlets, and would like suggestions from you. Please send a few sentences at your earliest convenience. 
I'm looking for stories or examples beyond the new courses, programs, and research (but you can include them if you like). I already have new faculty as well. 

Suggestions and examples might be something like a new piece of equipment or lab arrangement (CEIE), a newly configured space (Oscar and Colin), new student clubs or organizations (Sharon) , new scholarships (Jennifer/Linda).


Is the item something unusual? 
Is it a new or fresh approach to meeting a need? 
Is it something that has never been done before?
Does the item involve something that will instigate a change that will have an impact on a large group of people or the community? 
Does it tie in with a trend or identify a trend that affects a large group of people?
Is it information that can help people make an important decision or avoid a serious mistake? 
Does the suggestion have an impact on a particular community or industry? Does it tie in with current items in the news? 

Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks for considering this request!


Martha Bushong
Director of Communications
Volgenau School of Engineering 
Nguyen Engineering Building, Room 2202
MS# 5C8
Fairfax, VA  22030
phone: 703-993-5595