Dear PhD Student,


Hope you had a nice start in the program and all rough-‘n-ready for a very successful semester!

It’s time now to complete your Progress Report. Here are the necessary steps to complete it, hope you all benefit of them:

1-     Schedule a time to meet with your academic advisor or thesis director to discuss your progress and any concerns you may have. When done, please get it signed and send it over to me;

2-     Attach your most recent copy of Mason’s transcripts to the report. Unofficial copies are acceptable and can be easily printed from your Patriot Web under Student Information. Given the large number of our doctoral program, we cannot print transcripts for each student individually. Reports received without transcripts are NOT accepted and will be disregarded.

3-     Students who joined the program in Fall 2014, are still required to submit their Progress Report for our recording purposes.  If you plan to apply for a reduction of credit, please complete the form in this link: You can checkmark the “In Progress” option in your Progress Report if you’re applying for this reduction.  Applications for Reduction of Credits will be reviewed late October and early November. Before this time, we shall be able to handle the Progress Report questions/issues ONLY.

To avoid holds on your account, please submit the report to my attention by Tuesday, September 30, 2014, EOB.

Dear Faculty Members:

Thank you in advance for every effort you put to facilitate the Progress Report consultation/signature. As usual, I always trust and rely on your cooperation!